Departments Within Ramkhamhaeng University

Departments Within Ramkhamhaeng University

Faculties In Ramkhamhaeng University

  • Faculty Of Law

    Tel.02-310-8170, 02-310-8174-75 Www.Law.Ru.Ac.Th
    Open To Undergraduate
    Name Of Degree Bachelor Of Laws (B.A.) Bachelor Of Laws (LL.B.)
    Open To Teach 1 Field Of Study, Which Is The Field Of Law.

    Study Subject Content
    Study Fundamental Laws That Are Important And Necessary, Such As Public Law. Principles Of Private Law, Etc., And Provide Knowledge More Expertise In Law, Especially In A Particular Field Such As Business Law, International Law Civil And Commercial Law, Etc.

    Career Path
    Law Graduates Will Have Knowledge Of Law, Can Work In Both Government Agencies And Private Sectors By Working With Agencies Such As Lawyers, Police, Lawyers, Prosecutors, Consultants For Private Companies. Or Being A Teacher Teaching Law Subjects, Etc.

  • Faculty Of Business Administration
    Tel.02-310-8226-27 To 116 Www.Ba.Ru.Ac.Th
    2 Undergraduate Programs Offered
    1.Bachelor Of Business Administration : B.B.A Program
    2.Bachelor Of Accountancy : B.Acc.
    Bachelor Of Business Administration Degree Program
    Management, Finance And Banking, Marketing, Advertising And Public Relations. (Advertising Academic Group Public Relations Academic Group) Service Business Management (Hotel Academic Group Insurance Academic Group Real Estate Logistics Management Academic Group) Human Resource Management International Business And Tourism
    Study Subject Content
    Business Management In Areas Such As Finance, Marketing, Banking, Analysis, Marketing Strategy Planning To Resolve The Issue Of Proper Resource Allocation/Compensation The Use Of Technology In Different Industries And To Have Knowledge And Understanding Of Managing Various Businesses Systematically.
    Career Path
    Graduates From The Faculty Of Business Administration Can Work In Both Government Agencies And The Private Sector. Or In Financial Institutions Such As Banks, Finance Companies And Securities, Market Research, Sales Business In Product Management, Tour Guides, Tourism Businesses, Etc.
    Bachelor Of Business Administration Degree Program
    Study Subject Content
    Study Concepts, Analyze, Plan And Make Decisions Correctly. And Reliable In Matters Of Finance, Trade, Business, Control, Oversee Accounting In Both Public And Private Agencies.
    Career Path
    Accounting Graduates Can Work In Both Public And Private Sectors Such As Accountants, Internal Auditors, Auditors, Investment Consultants, And Can Work In Various Business Fields Such As Marketing, Personnel Management, Finance, Etc.

  • Faculty Of Humanities
    Tel.02-318-0054-55 To 1056-58, 02-310-8269 Www.Human.Ru.Ac.Th
    Open To Undergraduate
    Name Of Degree Bachelor Of Arts (B.A.) Bachelor’s Degree In Arts (B.A)
    Open To Teach 13 Fields Of Study: English, Thai, History, French, German, Philosophy, Sociology And Anthropology. Information Science And Librarian Science, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese And History For Tourism
    Study Subject Content
    To Have Skills, Knowledge, Ability To Communicate In Both Listening, Speaking, Reading And Writing In English Or Other Languages In Each Subject Area. Have An Understanding Of The Philosophy, Culture, Language, Literature And History Of Different Countries.
    Career Path
    Translator, Literature, Scholar, Guide, Airline Staff, Interpreter, Host, Radio And Television Host Publicist Book/Magazine Editorial Department Officials Of The Ministry Of Culture, Teachers, Lecturers, Academics

  • Faculty Of Education
    Tel.02-310-8315, 02-310-8321 Www.Edu.Ru.Ac.Th
    Open To Teach Undergraduate Degrees In 4 Fields Of Study.
    Department Of Education
    Degree Name
    Bachelor Of Education (B.Ed.) Bachelor Of Education (B.Ed.)
    Bachelor Of Arts (B.A.) Bachelor Of Art (B.A.)
    Department Of Curriculum And Instruction (5 Years) Department Of Evaluation And Research (4 Years) Department Of Educational Technology (4 Years) Department Of Health (5 Years) Department Of Home Economics (4 Years,5 Years) Department Educational Background Department Of Educational Administration And Higher Education And The Department Of Continuing And Vocational Education (5 Years)
    Department Of Psychology
    Degree Name Bachelor Of Science (Psychology) B.Sc. (Psychology) Bachelor Of Science (Psychology), B.S. (Psychology)
    Open To Teach Majors In Counseling Psychology. Industrial And Organizational Psychology
    Department Of Geography
    Degree Name Bachelor Of Science (Geography) B.Sc. (Geography) Bachelor Of Science (Geography), B.S. (Geography)
    Teaching Geoinformatics Physical And Environmental Geography Human Geography And The Environment General Geography
    Department Of Sports Science
    Degree Name Bachelor Of Science (Sports Science) B.Sc. (Sports Science) Bachelor Of Science (Sport Of Science), B.S. (Sport Of Science)
    Teaching Recreation Management Applied Sports Science
    Study Subject Content
    To Have The Skills To Develop Personality And To Adapt To Live Well With Society And Community. As Well As Recognize The Thoughts Of A Person Have Communication Skills For Good Relations And To Have An Educational Foundation
    Career Path
    Teachers, Professors In Various Fields, Psychologists, Psychiatrists In Government And Private Sectors Guidance Teacher Personnel Development Trainers, Mapping Staff, Private Professionals Such As Flower Shops, Restaurants, Clothing Stores

  • Faculty Of Science
    Tel.02-319-2199 , 02-310-8410-11 Www.Sci.Ru.Ac.Th
    Open To Undergraduate
    Name Of Degree Bachelor Of Science (B.Sc.) Bachelor Of Science (B.S.In…………….)
    Open To Teach 14 Fields Of Study Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science Operational Research Material Technology Food Technology Electronic Technology Biotechnology Environmental Science Agricultural Technology And Information Technology
    Study Subject Content
    Study And Research All Types Of Mathematics And Science. Various Technological Developments, Analysis, Research, Scientific Experiments Programming And Computer Systems
    Career Path
    Science Graduates Can Pursue Careers In Both The Public And Private Sectors. Become A Scientist In Various Disciplines He Is An Expert In Technology Development In General Industrial Plants. Computer Programming Specialist, Analyst, Researcher In Various Fields

  • Faculty Of Political Science
    Tel.02-310-8466-67 Www.Pol.Ru.Ac.Th
    Open To Teach 2 Groups Of Subjects
    Political Science Majors
    Justice Administration Major Group
    Political Science Majors
    Degree Name Bachelor Of Political Science (B.A.) Bachelor Of Political Science (B.Pol.Sc.)
    There Are 3 Plans Offered: Government Plan (Plan A), International Relations Plan (Plan B), And Public Administration Plan (Plan C).
    Study Subject Content
    Study Of Political Science Theories, Systems And Political Regimes. Comparison Of Politics And Governance In Foreign Countries. International Relations Theory. Personnel Management In Various Organizations, Social Processes
    Career Path
    Study Of Political Science Theories, Systems And Political Regimes. Comparison Of Politics And Governance In Foreign Countries. International Relations Theory. Personnel Management In Various Organizations, Social Processes
    Justice Administration Major Group
    Degree Name Bachelor Of Political Science (Justice Administration) B.A. (Justice Administration) Bachelor Of Political Science (B.Pol.Sc.) (Criminal Justice Administration)
    Study Subject Content
    A Study Of The Justice Process, The Thai Court System, And Political Behavior. Social Matters That Surround Us, Such As Social Problems, Social Welfare Environmental Law
    Career Path
    District Deputies, Police, Diplomats, Personnel Officers Ministry Of Justice Staff Community Developers, Politicians, Government Officials For Various Agencies That Rely On Law On Social Problems, Children, Youth, Families, Etc.

  • Faculty Of Economics
    Tel.02-310-8528 ,02-310-8532 Www.Eco.Ru.Ac.Th
    Open To Undergraduate
    Name Of Degree Bachelor Of Economics (B.Econ.) Bachelor Of Economics (B.Econ.)
    Open To Teach 10 Fields Of Study Economic Theory Industrial Economics Financial Economics Fiscal Economics International Economics Development Economics Quantitative Economics Agricultural Economics Economic History And Human Resource Economics
    Study Subject Content
    Study Economic Theory In The General Sector. Analysis Of Economic Research In The Country. And Foreign Countries Such As Finance, Finance, Agriculture, Development Of Various Business Systems
    Career Path
    Market Research Analysts, Banks, Financial Institutions Stock Market Business System Development Officers In Various Companies Securities Brokers, Analysts, Credit And Finance Financial Advisor Import-Export Business Of Goods And Services

  • Faculty Of Mass Communication
    Tel.02-310-8980 Www.Mac.Ru.Ac.Th
    Open To Undergraduate
    Name Of Degree Bachelor Of Arts (Mass Communication) B.A. (Mass Communication) Bachelor Of Arts (Mass Communication) B.A. (Mass Communication)
    Open To Teach 1 Major, Which Is Mass Communication.
    Study Subject Content
    Study And Research In Mass Communication That Creates A New Body Of Knowledge That Can Be Used For Academic And Professional Benefits. Provide Academic And Professional Services According To Aptitude Interests And Suitability To The Environment And Context Of The Community Or Society Manage The Organization And Teaching And Learning Effectively.
    Career Path
    Working In Both Government And Private Sectors As A News Worker Producer Television Broadcaster Media Operators Such As Photographers, Writers, Public Relations Program Director Program Editor, Etc.

  • Faculty Of Human Resource Development
    Tel. 02-310-8547 Www.Hrd.Ru.Ac.Th
    Open To Undergraduate
    Degree Name Bachelor Of Arts (Human Resource Development) B.A. (Human Resource Development) Bachelor Of Arts (Human Resource Development) B.A. (Human Resource Development)
    Open To Teach 1 Discipline, Which Is Human Resource Development.
    Study Subject Content
    Study The Theory Of Human Development, Work Development, Organizational Development. Organization Of Knowledge Career Counseling And Planning Project Management Various Training Teamwork Knowledge Management, Skills, Personnel Competency Enhancement And Strategize Management Strategies Within The Organization
    Career Path
    Training Officers, Lecturers, Business Project Management Officers Personnel Officer Human Resource Executive Human Resources

  • Faculty Of Engineering
    Tel.02-310-8570-71, 02-310-8577-78 To 233 Www.Eng.Ru.Ac.Th
    Open To Undergraduate
    Name Of Degree Bachelor Of Engineering (B.Eng.) Bachelor Of Engineering (B.Eng.)
    Open To Teach 5 Fields Of Study
    Department Of Civil Engineering
    Study Subject Content
    Study The Analysis And Design Of Buildings Such As Buildings, Bridges, Roads, Transportation And Traffic Systems. And Various Utilities Surveying In Surveying And Mapping Work Geotechnical Engineering Water Resource Engineering Architecture And Urban Planning Including Construction Management
    Career Path
    Civil Engineers Can Work In All Agencies, Both Public And Private. The Nature Of The Work Has 3 Parts: 1) Design Analysis 2) Division Of Administration Or Operational Planning And 3) Construction Control And Supervision
    Industrial Engineering
    Study Subject Content
    Study In Operational Research Work Study Industrial Administration Production Planning And Control Industrial Plant Layout Design, System Engineering, Process Analysis And Management. Factory Design Industrial Systems Engineering Quality Control Engineering Economics Industrial Cost Analysis And Budget Increasing Productivity In Industry
    Career Path
    Factory Engineer Production Management And Productivity Engineers In Various Industries Engineers Design Production Line Layout Within Factories, Machines, Logistics And Supply Chain Management, Production, Delivery, Quality Control, Etc.
    Environmental Engineering Program
    Study Subject Content
    Study Design Revision Controlling And Recommending Solutions To Various Environmental Pollution Problems Environmental Impact Assessment From Construction Of Large Projects Water Supply System Design And Water Quality Improvement System Design Of Sanitary Systems In Buildings Collection And Drainage System And Wastewater Treatment System
    Career Path
    Engineers Design And Control Wastewater Treatment Systems. Collection And Drainage System Engineer Designing Sanitation Systems In Buildings Engineer For Designing Water Quality Improvement Systems And Tap Water Production Systems
    Computer Engineering Program
    Study Subject Content
    Study The Analysis Of Electronic Circuits. Data Structures And Algorithms Computer Architecture Software Engineering Operating System Digital Design Database Systems And Computer Networks Microprocessor And Microcontroller
    Career Path
    Working In 3 Fields: Hardware, Software And Network, Including Program Development. Write Programs Computer System Engineer Computer Network Maintenance Engineer Manufacturer And Developer Of Computer Equipment Consultant In Computer Graphics Or Marketing Department Computer-Related Business
    Department Of Energy Engineering
    Study Subject Content
    Study Of Energy Consumption In Factories And Buildings. Energy Transformation Energy Conservation Office Analysis Of Energy, Temperature And Electricity Use Of Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency
    Career Path
    Can Work In Both Government Sectors, State Enterprises, Private Companies And Private Affairs Such As Engineers In The Ministry Of Energy Ministry Of Industry Ministry Of Science, Technology And Environment, Electricity, Metropolitan Waterworks Authority National Housing Authority, Etc., Or Work As A Consultant, Design, Or Establishment Of A Company For Distribution, Production Of Equipment And Tools Used In Energy Engineering.

  • Faculty Of Fine And Applied Arts
    Tel.02-310-8295-96 Www.Fa.Ru.Ac.Th 
    Open For Teaching Undergraduate Degree Name: Bachelor Of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) Bachelor Of Fine And Applied Arts(B.F.A.)
    Open To Teach 3 Fields Of Study
    Thai Drama Program
    Thai Music Program
    Department Of Popular Thai Music Major In Luk Thung-Luk Krung Music Vocal Major Music Performance Major Major In Music Theory And Composition Major In Music For Life Studies And Composition
    Study Subject Content
    Study The Theory And Practice Related To Each Field Of Study. In Order To Acquire Skills In Specific Fields, Such As The Review Of Fine Arts History Of Thai Drama, Performance Literature, Thai Music Theory, Thai Musical Way, Literature In Thai Music. International Music Theory Music Styles And Analysis Introduction To Music Composition Computer Aided Music Singing Thai Songs And Thai Folk Songs Music Performances, Etc.
    Career Path
    Artist, Singer, Actor, Musician, Composer, Dancer, Show Director Stage Director, Producer, Teacher, Lecturer Or Civil Servant In Related Field

  • Faculty Of Optometry
    Tel.02-310-8906-8 Www.Opto.Ru.Ac.Th
    Open To Undergraduate
    6-Year Program For Those Who Graduated From Mathayom 6, Starting To Study As Pre-Optometry In The First 2 Years And Study Optometry In The Last 4 Years.
    Degree Name Bachelor Of Optometry (B.Ed.) Doctor Of Optometry (O.D.)
    Open To Teach 1 Field Of Study: Optometry
    Study Subject Content
    It Is A Field Of Clinical Application In The Field Of Vision And Vision Systems. With Knowledge Of Medical Science And Optical Physics – Optical Lenses Used To Diagnose, Diagnose And Fix Problems With The Vision System. Bachelor Of Optometry Degree It Is A Degree For Those Who Want To Practice The Art Of Medicine In The Field Of Optometry. Holders Of This License Are Called Optometrists Or Eye Doctors.
    Career Path
    Optometrists Work In Hospitals Or Nursing Homes In Both The Public And Private Sectors. Optometry Scholar Public Health Academician Public Health Officer Optical Lens And Contact Lens Academician Specialized Clinical Optometry Specialist Owner Of A Business Related To The Assembling Of Eyeglasses

  • Faculty Of Public Health
    Office Of The Faculty Of Public Health, Sukhothai Building, 13th Floor, Room 1301, Tel. 02-310-8928 Www.Publichealth.Ru.Ac.Th
    Open To Undergraduate
    Degree Name Bachelor Of Public Health (B.P.H.) Bachelor Of Health (B.P.H)
    Open To Teach 2 Courses
    Bachelor Of Public Health Program Community Public Health Program
    2.Bachelor Of Science Program Department Of Occupational Health And Safety
    Study Subject Content
    Education Mainly Focuses On Science Subjects. Basic Public Health Professions Such As Human Anatomy And Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology And Parasitology, Biostatistics, Epidemiology Environmental Health Occupational Health And Safety Specialized Professional Groups Such As Pharmacist, Public Health First Aid And Emergency Care Public Health Professional Experience Training Occupational Health And Safety Management, Including Air, Water, Fire Prevention, Waste Disposal, Etc.
    Guidelines For Occupational Careers In Government Agencies State Enterprises And Private Organizations Community Health Officers Of Local Governments (Municipality/Subdistrict Administrative Organization) Health Promotion Academic Sanitary Academician Community Health Academician Community Health Officials In Local Government Organizations Medical Practice Department Of A Hospital Or Health Center Public Health Officers For Private Organizations Health Related Business People Health Researcher And Safety Officers At Work


Philosophy, Determination, Vision Of Ramkhamhaeng University
Promote Equality In Education Producing Graduates With Knowledge And Virtue
Developing Ramkhamhaeng University To Be A Source Of Marketplace Science Aiming To Produce Graduates With Knowledge And Virtue And Awareness Of Social Responsibility
Ramkhamhaeng University Is A Learning Organization With High Performance (High Organization).
Aiming To Produce Graduates In Thai Ideals Who Possess Knowledge And Virtue.
To Create A Sustainable Development Of Thai Society According To The Principles Sufficiency Economy Philosophy
History Of Ramkhamhaeng University : 1971 To Present
1. Ramkhamhaeng University Ramkhamhaeng University Has Been Established As A Public Higher Education Institution Since 1971 On A Total Area Of Approximately 300 Rai Of Land On Ramkhamhaeng Road, Hua Mak Subdistrict, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok. Subject Market Model With The Objective Of Higher Academic And Professional Education
Conduct Research, Promote Advanced Academics And To Preserve Arts And Culture
The University Currently Has Courses Offered. At The Bachelor’s Level, Approximately 2,780 Courses, Master’s Level 771 Courses, Doctoral Level 156 Courses, Teaching And Learning In 72 Bachelor’s Degree Programs, 2 Graduate Certificate Levels, 73 Master’s Degree Programs And Doctoral Level Programs. 20 Disciplines With 13 Faculties Responsible For 1 Graduate School And Two Teaching And Learning Institutions: The Institute Of Health Sciences And The Institute Of International Education
It Can Be Said That Over The Course Of 38 Years, Ramkhamhaeng University Has Always Developed. Both In Terms Of Academic Development And Social Development In Accordance With The National Economic And Social Development Plan.
At The Same Time, It Has Evolved According To The Globalization Of Technology. Until Now, Ramkhamhaeng University Has Opened Teaching And Learning Using Modern Technology, Including Distance Teaching, Teaching Methods.
E-Learning Examination With E-Testing System Using Computer In Administration And Service Until The University Has Become An E-University At The International Standard Level
2. The Reason For Establishing Ramkhamhaeng University Caused By A Shortage Of Places To Study. At The Higher Education Level In Thailand Because Universities Have Limited Places To Study. Not All Students Will Be Able To Enter Higher Education. Since There Are Those Who Have Graduated From Secondary School And Have No Opportunity To Study Further, The Government Therefore Needs To Establish Ramkhamhaeng University. To Give An Opportunity For Those Who Wish To Study In The University To Be Admitted Study Thoroughly To Increase Academic Standing For Professionals And Expand Educational Opportunities For Development The Quality Of The Public There Is No Limit On The Number Of Students And There Is No Qualifying Examination. Teaching Is Organized But Not Compulsory To Come To Class. In Addition, The Cabinet Resolution On December 20, 2005 Approved In Principle To Upgrade The Status Of Ramkhamhaeng University. Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Service Branch, Sukhothai Province Is Ramkhamhaeng University. Sukhothai Campus To Meet The Development Strategy Of Sukhothai Province The Ramkhamhaeng University Council Has Approved The Establishment. The Faculty Of Hospitality Business And The Faculty Of Public Health Are Internal Divisions. Affiliated With Ramkhamhaeng University, Sukhothai Campus
3. Current Faculties/Offices/Institutes Of Ramkhamhaeng University Ramkhamhaeng University Has Departments At The Faculties, Offices And Institutes Level. Which Is Responsible For Conducting Education And Providing Administrative And Academic Services Efficiently
The Faculties And Institutes That Provide Teaching And Learning Are As Follows: Faculty Of Law Faculty Of Business Administration Faculty Of Humanities Faculty Of Education Faculty Of Science Faculty Of Political Science Faculty Of Economics Faculty Of Engineering Faculty Of Mass Communication Technology Faculty Of Fine And Applied Arts Faculty Of Human Resource Development Graduate School Institute Of International Studies And The Institute Of Health Sciences
Various Bureaus And Institutions At Administrative And Academic Services Are As Follows Office Of The President Office Of Academic Service And Evaluation Testing Central Library Office Of Educational Technology, Publisher, Sports Office, Computer Institute Research And Development Institute Institute Of Arts And Culture Chaloem Phrakiat Language Institute Electronic Teaching Media Center Office Of Educational Quality Assurance Thai Law Institute Electronic Testing Bureau Academic Resource Center Foreign Academic Resources Branch Office Internal Audit Office Office Of Cooperative Education And Career Development Office Of Data And Information Services And The Regional Academic Resources Branch
4. Ramkhamhaeng University 2 Because Ramkhamhaeng University Has A Large Number Of Students And Is Constantly Increasing, So To Solve The Problem Of Inadequate Study Locations. Ramkhamhaeng University Proposed Solving The Problem Of Shortage Of Places To Study To The Cabinet And The Cabinet Approved The University To Establish A Campus On August 21, 1979 At The Area Of Land Donated By 150 Rai, Located At Khwaeng Dok Mai, Phra Khanong District, Bangkok, On The Road. Bangna-Trad Line And The University Opened This Campus In The First Semester Of The Academic Year 1984 Onwards, Used As A Teaching Place For The First Year Of Undergraduate Courses In All Fields Of Study. For Students Who Do Not Have The Opportunity To Listen To Lectures At The University Which There Are Many Across The Country The University Has Organized A Briefing. On Both Central And Regional Television Stations Across The Country
5. Provincial Academic Resources Branch In The Academic Year 1995, Ramkhamhaeng University Has Expanded Educational Opportunities To The Region. To Provide Opportunities For People In Different Regions And Localities To Have The Opportunity To Learn More. Apply The Knowledge Gained To Livelihoods. And Improve Quality Of Life The University Has Opened Branches Of Academic Resources In Honor Of His Majesty The King In Various Provinces, Namely Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Uthai Thani Province Prachinburi Province And Later Opened A Branch Of Academic Service
Chaloem Phra Kiat Has Increased Until Now, The University Has Established Chaloem Phra Kiat Academic Branches In 25 Provinces Across The Country. Which Has Opened For Teaching In 21 Provinces As Follows
1. Chalermprakiat Academic Resources Branch, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province
2. Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Service Branch, Uthai Thani Province
3. Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Service Branch, Prachinburi Province
4. Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Resources Branch, Amnat Charoen Province
5. Chalermprakiat Academic Service Branch, Nakhon Phanom Province
6. Chaloem Phra Kiat Academic Resources Branch, Phrae Province
7. Chalermprakiat Academic Service Branch, Nakhon Ratchasima Province
8. Academic Resources Chalerm Phrakiat Branch, Sukhothai Province
9. Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Service Branch, Khon Kaen Province
10. Chaloem Phra Kiat Academic Resources Branch, Sisaket Province
11. Academic Resources Chalermprakiet Branch, Trang Province
12. Chaloem Phra Kiat Academic Resources Branch, Udon Thani Province
13. Chaloem Phra Kiat Academic Resources Branch, Lopburi Province
14. Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Service Branch, Nong Bua Lamphu Province
15. Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Service Branch, Chaiyaphum Province
16. Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Service Branch, Phetchabun Province
17. Chalermprakiat Academic Service Branch, Kanchanaburi Province
18. Chaloem Phra Kiat Academic Resources Branch, Surin Province
19. Chaloem Phra Kiat Academic Service Branch, Buriram Province
20. Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Resources Branch, Songkhla Province
21. Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Service Branch, Chiang Rai Province
22. Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Service Branch, Phang Nga Province
6. International Academic Academic Service Branch
Ramkhamhaeng University Has Expanded Teaching Abroad. Since The Second Semester Of The Academic Year 2003, With The Objective Of Providing Opportunities And Equality In Education To All Thai People In Foreign Countries Around The World To Bring Thai Higher Education To The International Level In A Concrete Way Currently Expanding To 30 Countries Around The World As Follows
1. Canada At Ottawa, Vancouver
2. United States At Washington, D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago
3. Belgium At Brussels
4. France In Paris
5. Federal Republic Of Germany At Berlin, Frankfurt
6. Iceland In Reykjavik
7. Italy In Rome
8. Netherlands At The Hague
9. Poland At Warsaw
10. Spain At Madrid
11. Switzerland In Bern
12. Austria At Vienna
13. United Kingdom At London
14. Denmark At Copenhagen
15. Norway At Oslo
16. Sweden At Stockholm
17. Republic Of Finland At Helsinki
18. Bahrain At Manama
19. The Sultanate Of Oman At Muscat
20. United Arab Emirates In Dubai
21. State Of Qatar At Doha
22. Australia At Canberra, Sydney
23. New Zealand At Wellington
24. Cambodia At Phnom Penh
25. India At New Delhi
26. Indonesia At Jakarta
27. Malaysia At Kuala Lumpur
28. South Korea At Seoul
29. Singapore At Singapore
30. People’s Republic Of China At Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen
31. Vietnam At Ho Chi Minh City
32. Thailand At Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok
7. Distance Learning Via Satellite Distance Learning Via Satellite Of Ramkhamhaeng University Has Begun To Be The First Time In The Academic Year 1995, With Teaching Directly From Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok To Ramkhamhaeng University, Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Branch.
The Three Provinces In The Region Are Uthai Thani Province. Prachinburi Province And Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Initially, It Was Offered At The Bachelor’s Degree Level By Using Video Conferencing System Via Thaicom Satellite In The C-Band Frequency Band By Distributing Unidirectional Signals To The Regional Branch Of The Field. Students Studying In The Classroom Can Inquire And Ask For Explanations About Teaching Via Telephone System And Fax To The Instructors. By Using The Technology Of Broadcasting Television Signals Directly To The Classrooms In The System (Direct To Home Broad Casting) Via Thaicom Satellites In The Ku-Band Frequency Band, Which Is Currently Broadcast Via Thai Sky Cable TV, Channel 10. In Addition To The Use Of Communication Technology The University Has Also Arranged For Professors To Give Briefings At The Academic Resources Branches In Chaloem Phrakiat Provinces Every Saturday And Sunday. So That Students In The Region Can Meet And Ask For Advice From Professors And On October 3, 1996, The University Opened Graduate Studies At The Academic Resources Branch In 4 Provinces, Namely Uthai Thani Province. Prachinburi Province Nakhon Si Thammarat Province And Amnat Charoen Province
In Teaching At The Master’s Degree In That Region Instructors Will Travel To Teach At Different Branches Of Academic Services In Rotation To All 4 Provinces. Any Will Broadcast Images And Audio Lectures To Other Branches Of The Academic Service By Using The Video Conferencing System Via Satellite To The Classroom. In This Way, Students From All Branches Of The Academic Service Receive Lectures From Lecturers At The Same Time. In Addition, Teachers Can Interact With Students From All Fields Of Science. Service In The Form Of Communication

Vision And Mission

Philosophy :
” Promote Equality In Education Producing Graduates With Knowledge And Virtue”
Determination :
” Developing Ramkhamhaeng University To Be A Source Of Knowledge In A Limited Number Of Marketable Subjects. Aiming To Produce Graduates With Knowledge And Virtue And Awareness Of Social Responsibility “
Vision :
” Ramkhamhaeng University Is The Main Institution That Aims To Expand Educational Opportunities To Develop People To Develop The Country Sustainably “
Organization Values :
“Honest, Sincere, Transparent, Fair And Loyal To The Organization”
Mission :      
1. Support And Promote The Distribution Of Opportunities Equality And Fairness In Education In Various Forms And Disciplines. In The Manner Of Education For The People To Have Knowledge And Virtue
2. Support And Promote Research And Develop Creative Work To Take Advantage
3. To Support And Promote Academic Services To The Society And The People In Order To Develop A Sustainable Quality Of Life.
4. Support And Promote The Preservation Of Arts And Culture
5. Support And Develop Skills To Increase The Capacity Of The ASEAN Community.
6. Promote And Develop Management According To The Guidelines Of Good Governance.
7. Support And Promote The Provision Of Knowledge And Health Services To Society.

Phone Number

Phone Numbers That Students Should Know When Applying For Services Of Ramkhamhaeng University

Agency Name

1. Student ID Card Work
2. Name-Surname Change, Resignation And Faculty Transfer
3. Central Registration Work
4. Postal Registration Work, Regional
5. Maintaining Student Status
6. Central New Student Recruitment Work, And Via The Internet
7. Provincial Exam Application Work
8. Education Guidance (SorPorPor.)
9. One Stop Service (KLB)
10. Preparation Of Individual Examination Schedule
11. Educational Processing Work (Transcript)
12. Certificate Of Being A Student, Diploma
13. Job Placement, Education Guidance
14. Scholarship Work, Division Of Student Affairs
15. Textbook Work (Publishing House)
16. Narration Tape Work (Technology Bureau)
17. Inquiry About Computer Test Results
18. Central Number Ramkhamhaeng University (Hua Mak)
19. Bureau Of Electronic Testing (E-Testing)
20. Contact Information Regarding Credit Transfer
Faculty Of Law : 02-3108170, 02-3108174
Faculty Of Business Administration : 02-3108226-7
Faculty Of Humanities : 02-3108269
Faculty Of Mass Communication: 02-3108980
Faculty Of Education : 02-3108315, 02-3108321
Faculty Of Science : 02-3192199, 02-3108410-1
Faculty Of Political Science : 02-3108466-7
Faculty Of Economics : 02-3108534
Faculty Of Human Resource Development : 02-3108547

Phone Numbers

02-3108615, 02-3108623
02-3108757-9 ต่อ 1101, 1103