Bachelor degree program
Regular and pre-degree

the following table This is a list of fields of study open for undergraduate programs, regular programs and pre-degree programs, both central and regional.

Courses appearing on this website are courses open for applications for the academic year 2022 as shown in the admissions regulations.

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Course : Regional

Bachelor’s degree program, regular part, regional part Study and take the exam at 23 Chaloem Phrakiat Academic Resources branches across all regions. Examinations are held in 41 test centers across the country (see list of academic resources and test centers). Click The registration fee is 50 baht per unit (50 baht per credit for pre-degree).

Law0100Branch of law
Business administration0201Department of Management
Political science0601Major in Public Administration
Mass communication5414Communication Arts and Digital Media
PRE-DEGREE SYSTEM9000(Study the coursework to prepare for undergraduate studies)

bachelor degree program special education project

Bachelor of Laws Program, Class 2
Applications open for the academic year 2022

Master’s degree program

Courses shown on this website are courses open for applications for the academic year 2022.

Course offered: Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Major in Business Administration